• Never say "I've got no grip!" again!

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No grip is frustrating AF!

Grip Made For Pole Dancers

PoleGrip™ was specifically designed to meet the demands of polers, taking over 2 years to formulate with the help of 5 pole studios, over 150 polers and 8 pole athletes including Imogen Gunter, Fawnia Monday, Micheal Donohoe, Terri Fierce & Lisette Krol 

Everyone Loves PoleGrip!

Everyone said it left their hands tacky but not too much chalky excess on their hands.

Imogen Gunter

By miles the best pole grip I've ever used

Most of the studio has changed over to this now


Far better grip

PoleGrip gave me a far better grip on the pole! I will be using it and recommending it.

Fawnia Mondey

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